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Egypt Air adds new flight routes

Sunday 12 Sep 2010 9:03pm

Egypt Air is set to increase the number of flights bweteen the UK and Egypt. Egypt Air is expanding its Cairo routes with the two new flights weekly between Sudan, Khartoum and Alexandria - they've also recently added a Cairo to Juba route. In addition to providing addtional services locally, they are also expanding their in-air services, providing passengers with state of the art in-flight communications in partnership with OnAir. The Airbus' are being outfitted with GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi connections using satellite, providing passengers the ability to use their electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones during the flight to stay in touch. Egypt Air is amogst several other airlines offering services to Cairo, including British Airways, bmi, KLM, and Alitalia. Departure airports include Cardiff, Manchester, and East Midlands.

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