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Aer Lingus 2011 Flight Schedule Additions Announced

Wednesday 12 Jan 2011 9:30pm

In 2011, you can expect to see more flights to current destinations, as well as additional locations being serviced by Aer Lingus, an airline based in Ireland. Aer Lingus plans to begin servicing Spain and the Canary Islands, by way of Cork and Belfast, and will also be adding flights to presently serviced locations, such as Faro and Amsterdam. Aer Lingus also announced that current flights that depart each morning and late afternoon, servicing business fliers traveling from Birmingham and Manchester to Cork, will continue to be a part of their flight schedule. Individuals who travel frequently for business from Ireland to Great Britain and back, enjoy the convenience of being able to catch a return flight on the same day of their departure, with little hassle or headache involved. The new 2011 flight schedule will mean 13 Aer Lingus flights arriving from Cork to Amsterdam each week. In order to give travelers a greater flexibility, Aer Lingus will add one flight per week to Tenerife, Faro, and Lanzarote, from Cork. In March, look for the introduction of flights from Belfast to Gran Canaria, departing twice a week. You will also be able to fly from Cork to Palma de Mallorca two days out of the week.

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