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Flight demand to Madeira increases

Saturday 26 Feb 2011 10:08pm

Recent months have seen high demand for flights to the island of Madeira, part of Portugal, by British sun seekers. Spain and Eastern Europe, once popular, have remained stagnant due to the economic conditions. However, Portugal has stayed relatively unscathed and with its good climate, British people looking to buy their second homes have flocked there. Tourism has remained popular in Madeira over mainland Portugal, particularly in the capital Funchal. With a large variety of cheap flights available from airports across the country, including Glasgow, Stansted and Gatwick, British travellers wanting to escape to their holiday home can do so relatively easily. Madeira is known for its temperate climate which rarely falls below a very comfortable 17 degrees celsius. Madeira cake is born and a speciality on the island and it also offers beautiful landscapes filled with flora, and walks through lush valleys, ancient forests, and carefully terraced hillsides. With a relatively unknown property market, a renewed interest in the area and a several organisations targeting foreign markets for owners, Madeira's holiday home market is set increase, together with the flight demand.

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