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Expect Increased Air Travel on Flights to Spanish Coast

Tuesday 02 Nov 2010 9:32am

You can expect to see more tourists flying to Spain in 2011 as the cruise industry in this Mediterranean gem continues to grow, third now only to the UK and Ireland in expected departures. Among the companies operating from Spain is Royal Caribbean, which has announced plans to have five cruise ships based in Spain beginning in 2011; ports of departure will include Malaga, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. With cruise ships enjoying a resurgence in popularity among UK residents, large numbers of these future cruisers are searching for more flights between the UK and Spain. Most cruise ship operators will help cover the cost of flying between countries, and the growing demand will likely force many of the airline companies to offer better services and lower prices to lure those who are looking for a quick and easy way to reach their point of departure in Spain. Spain is still, after all, one of the most popular vacation spots for Brits looking for some warm sun and golden sand. Many of the larger airlines, such as Monarch, Iberia and British Airways, currently offer some good deals for anyone looking to escape to the sun drenched beaches of Spain. Whether your taking a short holiday, enjoying a jaunt on a cruise ship, or just spending time at a second home, Spain remains a popular destination. And that fun in the sun moment is even easier to get to these days, with regular flights to Spain's sunny shores now leaving from such easily accessible airports as London Gatwick, Luton and even East Midlands.

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