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Glasgow Airport Is Now Set To Expand With Added New Flights

Thursday 22 Jul 2010 8:17pm

Information has finally been released by the Scottish Government concerning their plans for adding several new international routes for the Glasgow Airport. Their expectations are that these additional new flights will add some £16m to their economy, and thousands will benefit from the additional services by being able to fly to new locations around the world. As part of a sincere effort to make sure there will be sufficient services available to passengers, the City of Glasgow is currently in conversation with several of the airlines about services being provided to various locations such as Spain, Canada, Turkey, and Egypt. In addition, BAA is also in negotiations with companies to be able to provide new routes to Split in Croatia, Stavanger in Norway, as well as Amsterdam. At this point £55,000 from the Route Development Fund has already been utilized for reinstatement of flights to Reykjavik with Icelandair, while Irish routes have been increased and Canadian Air services have also been expanded. With this promise of a wide range of new services starting up, the future outlook for both economy and business travelers throughout Scotland is definitely looking positive.

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