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Mini-Guide To Canada Canada

Canada really is a top destination because it really has something to offer everyone. Whether you are into the great outdoors, skiing, snowboarding, cities, trekking or just seeing some fantastic scenery and meeting great people, Canada will meet all your expectations and more. Canada, due to the winter sports offered, is a year-round destination. There is no perfect time to visit, which only broadens the country's appeal. This is a must-see spot for tourists of all ages and interests.

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Because of its size, it is nearly impossible to experience the whole of Canada in one trip. Canada is a large country with many attractions; there is no single must do when it comes to Canada. Instead, where and what you see and do depends upon your interests. This is a country made for more than one trip and definitely holds something for everyone. However, no matter where you visit, even if you arrive in one of the big cities, you will soon be out in the countryside: the Canadian Rockies offer some of the best views; there isn't anywhere in the world like it. One of the most popular areas is Quebec. This area is still heavily influenced by the French and, in fact, French is still widely spoken. Here, you will find Montreal and also some very charming and rural villages. Or you could try Ontario, home to Toronto and Ottowa, and, of course, the Great Lakes. Canada is a popular destination, and because of this, most major airlines fly to the country. Air Canada, British Airways, and KLM all offer regular flights to the area.