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Mini-Guide To Quebec

Quebec is a wonderfully historic city which is simply teeming with historic sights, romantic walks, fine dining experience, and great nightlife and yet it is also a city which is very progressive and forward thinking. The result is a vibrant blend between old and new. In 1985, UNESCO declared old part of the city, a World Heritage Site. This reflects the international significance of the historic parts of the city. Indeed it is actually one of the oldest cities within North America, since it was founded way back in 1608. So it has an air of historical importance and this makes it a very charming place to visit.

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With a population of less than 1 million, it is not a huge city, but its size makes it easy to navigate and get around. The bus system in Quebec is also very comprehensive, so you can easily find your way around using public transport. The climate is also reasonable, although snow is very common in the winter months and it is usually a white Christmas for Quebec, which makes it a really romantic spot to spend Christmas (particularly for lovers). However, if you postpone your visit until January then you will have all the fun of the Winter Carnival, which usually starts around the last Friday of January (sometimes the first Friday in February) and carries on for 17 days, with lots of different carnival parades and things to do. One of the things which will strike you about Quebec is just how European it feels. In Old Quebec, known as Vieux Quebec, you really could feel that you are in a European city, such is the ambience created by the old, historic buildings, all built in a European style. Make sure that you allow at least a couple of days to explore this area, with its cobbled streets, quaint cafes and bars and some wonderful restaurants. The Notre Dame de Quebec Cathedral, which is in the Lower Town (Basse Ville) is a wonderful testament to the influence religion exerted within Quebec and is a very simple, but nevertheless striking building. As you would imagine within such a historic city, there are lots of museums of various different themes. For non history lovers, the chocolate museum is a fantastic place to visit, but whatever your interests you are almost bound to find a museum which will interest you. Throughout the year Quebec is home to very many carnivals, festivals and events, all of which breathe life and vibrancy into this historic city, meaning that although it has a lot of historic interest, this is really just a backdrop to a city which is firmly entrenched in the 21st Century and looks forward and outwards. Nightlife is good here and there are some excellent restaurants, bars and cafes to be found. So make sure that you visit Quebec and soak in its unique European ambience and enjoy the sights and attractions which this very special city has to offer. Who flies to Quebec? Air Canada, American, Continental, Delta, US Airways, Jazz, Air France, British Airways

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