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Air Transat

Air Transat is based in Canada, North America

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Domestic Air Transat flights within Canada?

From To
Calgary, CanadaCanada Saskatoon, Canada
Calgary, CanadaCanada Vancouver, Canada
Saskatoon, CanadaCanada Calgary, Canada
Vancouver, CanadaCanada Calgary, Canada

Regional Air Transat flights within North America?

From To
Calgary, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Calgary, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Edmonton, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Edmonton, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Montreal, CanadaMexico Acapulco, Mexico
Montreal, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Montreal, CanadaMexico Ixtapa Zihuatanej, Mexico
Montreal, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Ottawa, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Ottawa, CanadaUnited States Orlando, United States
Quebec, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Quebec, CanadaUnited States Orlando, United States
Regina, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Regina, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Saskatoon, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Saskatoon, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Toronto, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Vancouver, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Vancouver, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Winnipeg, CanadaMexico Cancun, Mexico
Winnipeg, CanadaUnited States Orlando, United States
Winnipeg, CanadaMexico Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

International destinations for Air Transat?

From To
Calgary, CanadaUK London, UK
Calgary, CanadaUK Manchester, UK
Montreal, CanadaFrance Paris, France
Ottawa, CanadaCuba Holguin, Cuba
Quebec, CanadaFrance Paris, France
Toronto, CanadaUK Glasgow, UK
Toronto, CanadaPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Toronto, CanadaUK London, UK
Toronto, CanadaUK Manchester, UK
Toronto, CanadaJamaica Montego Bay, Jamaica
Vancouver, CanadaUK London, UK
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