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The Best Environmentally Friendly Vacation Locations are in Scandinavia

Tuesday 05 Oct 2010 9:45pm

Today's tourists are forsaking the dirty smoggy cities in favor of environmentally friendly, and green locations, to spend their precious holidays. The most popularly sought after locations are the clean and unpolluted areas, according to a survey conducted by The Economist. It was stated that the most environmentally friendly places were located in Scandinavia. The results of the survey showed that because of its clean water and air, Switzerland placed first amongst others, while Sweden and Norway placed second, and Finland came in third. In the city of Bergen, Norway amenities are available for hiking holidays and also there are local areas where tourists will delight in the green environment. Next comes Sweden, often considered the land to see for beautiful landscapes, mountains, and a scenic array of islands that all give tourists on holiday a welcome change from their normal smoggy, busy, and unhealthy cities. Finland comes in fourth place and offers some of Europe's best untouched places to visit. Finland has been called by Newsweek the 'Nicest of all countries in the world', and it sports areas that will please the hikers, the bikers, and others who appreciate the clean lakes, and watching the lynx and bears in the parks. There is no shortage of air flights to Bergen, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki, so the holiday tourists will be able to enjoy Scandinavia at its best.

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