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Stansted Airport critical of Ryanairs costcutting measures

Wednesday 29 Jul 2009 8:41am

A Stanstead Airport spokesperson has said he is 'struggling to understand' cost-cutting ideas being considered by the popular economy carrier Ryanair. One of the proposed ideas was that passengers could load their own bags onto the plane. According to a spokesperson for Stansted the obvious security and practical considerations had not been discussed with them by the low cost carrier and they would have to be taken into account before any changes could be enacted. The baggage loading idea is one of a number of money saving measures being considered by Ryanair as it records its first ever annual loss. A highly controversial suggestion is to charge passengers £1 to use the toilet, and to make people pay for sick bags. The chief executive of Ryanair, Michael O'Leary, said they company could add an extra six seats per plane if they got rid of two out of the three toilets. This news comes on the same day as the news that the low cost carrier pulled off a huge publicity coup flying Queen Sofia of Spain from Santander in Spain to Stansted at a cost of £13.

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