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Air New Zealand Introduces its Latest Upgrade the Cuddle Class

Friday 29 Oct 2010 9:30am

Popular airline Air New Zealand has recently announced that it will start operating a new service class called 'Cuddle Class'. This new class is scheduled to begin operating next month, and will provide an additional grade of seats between economy and business sections, so you can enjoy some of the creature comforts without paying for the pricier seats. The 'Cuddle Class' seats will be located in the economy section, but the single row of three seats can be quickly converted into one large space for sleeping or relaxing - these redesigned seats are better known to many travelers as Skycouches. Air New Zealand will now let you book two seats in a 'Cuddle Class' row for regular price and then buy the third for half price, making it a great bargain for couples or families looking for a comfortable yet affordable way to travel. This new class is designed to help fill the need for seats that are more comfortable than economy yet not as expensive as business, and are a perfect match for the latest changes to the traditional three-class system that has been a part of the airline industry for so long. Those travelers who may find it hard to pay for the upper end of the three-class system but are able to pay a little extra for some additional space will find this to be the perfect solution. The premier of the 'Cuddle Class' will take place next month on Air New Zealand's Auckland to Los Angeles route; if it proves popular with fliers, you could soon find 'cuddle class' seats on many other global flights, including London and New York. Many UK residents have been traveling to the other side of the world to enjoy some truly exotic and exciting locales, despite the long flight times; 'cuddle class' would give these travelers a chance to arrive in comfort and style to all their favorite destinations.

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