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Where to Find the Most Comfortable Business Class Seating

Wednesday 10 Nov 2010 9:37am

Business travelers still spend a great deal of time in the air, and many airlines have attempted to make those longer journeys a little easier with the introduction of the full flat-bed seats while others have opted to go with the angled-flat seats. Manufacturers will tell you that the angled-flat seats don't seem 'angled' while you're sleeping, but those who have had to use them say that's just not true - the angled-flat seats definitely do not encourage a deep sleep. Anyone who will be traveling on a long flight in business class should make sure that they select an airline that has full flat-bed service if you plan on getting any sleep. The top ranked airline in the business class category is the always popular Kingfisher Airlines; this company provides service between various locations in the UK to such exotic places as Delhi and Mumbai.

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