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4 Out of Every 5 Vacations Are Not Insured

Friday 09 Jul 2010 8:12pm

A recent conference discovered that approximately only a mere 20% of vacations are insured, and travelers do not usually understand how much insurance they should have. John McEwan, chief executive of Advantage Travel Centres and a member of a panel at the Barclays Travel Forum held in London, said that a large number of travelers do not purchase travel insurance. The United Kingdom's general manager of Norwegian Cruise Line, Stephen Park, who was also on the panel indicated that even insurance professionals do not entirely understand how vacations are insured under the current regulations. If a traveler purchases a package deal, he or she is automatically insured; however, if the flight and other components of a vacation are purchased separately, those are not usually insured in the event of unforeseeable circumstances. The only way they might be insured is if the person pays via credit card and makes a claim through that. Richard Carrick, ex-chief executive of Hoseasons gave a video-taped presentation in which he said that the Civil Aviation Authority needs to quit going after Travel Republic about offering vacations without a recognized travel agent license. Rather, it should focus its efforts on fixing the travel insurance system that is in place.

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