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Escape to a Rugged Paradise Book Your Flight to Canada

Tuesday 17 Aug 2010 8:27pm

As the summer season is coming into the final months, many of the British are planning for their next holiday, and Canada may offer just the appeal that many people are looking for. A perfect hideaway for the winter months, Canada has an eclectic diversity with the mix of French, Inuit, and even American traditions, not to mention the wild, rugged and simply stunning landscapes offered. Canada has a wide range of attractions for all its visitors and remains very popular, although, a less frequented holiday destination. Those with an adventurous streak have found the perfect setting here, with Canada's outdoor activities that include skiing, climbing and even exploring the country's beautiful landscapes. On the other hand, if you want to experience the historical culture and the vibrant city life, head on out to Montreal, Toronto, or North America's oldest city of St. Johns, located in Newfoundland. Specifically, Toronto is an eclectic mix of cultures and just below half the population here comes from all over the world. There are many and varied experiences that await you, be it the leafy parks, the diversity of the cuisine, the fantastic shopping offered or the festivals, such as the International Film Festival, you'll enjoy your holiday no matter what you choose. Whether you are exploring the wild and rugged terrain, or the intriguing cities, Canada has an icy atmosphere that lends a magical nature to the country, and globally, is one of the coldest countries. You can always expect huge snow drifts and many folks will even ice skate to work on those days, but it remains a fact that Canada offers a thrilling experience to people, whether it is a matter of passing through on business, or staying for an extended vacation. The winter holiday that is still being spoken of for years to come is only a flight away, and with both the economy and the business flights from airports such as Manchester and London Heathrow, you are provided with easy access.

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