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Flying is 22 times safer than driving

Tuesday 02 Sep 2008 7:19am

According to the findings of a new study, travellers the world over are safer on aircraft now than ever before. Boeing and the US National Safety Council, who commissioned the study, found that every day, six million people travel by air and are 22 times safer flying than they would be if they drove. The study also found that air safety records have improved to less than one fatal accident to every million departures from the 1960 figure of 45 fatal accidents per million departures. This improvement has been attributed to the aviation industry's ability to learn from accidents and developments in technology helps the sector. The USA and Europe were found to be the safest places to fly, while Africa had a slightly worse accident record. One of the safest airlines in the world to travel with is Qantas (the national airline of Australia) which, until last month, had an unblemished safety record. The only blemish on Qantas' record was an incident that happened on a flight from London to Melbourne on a Boeing 747 which left a huge hole in the undercarriage of the plane when part of its fuselage broke away, forcing an emergency landing in Manilla.

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