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Cathay apologises to passenger for YouTube posting

Sunday 15 Mar 2009 10:08am

Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific Airways has confirmed that it has apologised to a passenger whose angry outburst, after missing a flight departing from the Hong Kong airport, was recorded by a member of staff and later appeared on the video website YouTube. According Youtube's hit counter, the video clip has seen over 5. 2 million hits. A member of Cathay's staff filmed the video with using a mobile phone camera on 4 February. The airline has confirmed that it has identified the employee in question. The clip was later uploaded to YouTube and has ‘gone viral', becoming one of the most viewed clips ever. This has seen it featured on news reports and television programmes worldwide. The clip lasts for a total of three-minutes during which time, the passenger is seen running toward a departure gate at Hong Kong Airport, colliding with a female security guard in the process. The passenger then pounds on the Cathay Pacific desk, throws herself to the floor and rolls around while screaming. A spokeswoman for Cathay Pacific Airways said: 'we have conveyed the findings of our inquiry to the passenger concerned and her family, and have issued an apology for the inconvenience and embarrassment she may have suffered as a result'. The spokeswoman added that the individual who posted the video on YouTube was not the Cathay employee who actually recorded the scene, although the employee in question has been disciplined. It has been reported that Cathay has offered upgrades and air miles to the passenger, who is not seeking compensation.

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