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Enjoy The Italian Grand Prix Fly To Milan

Tuesday 22 Jun 2010 8:13pm

If you are a Formula One fan then the Italian Grand Prix is not something you can pass up, it is one of the most famous race tracks there is, picture yourself there as the cars going zooming past, imagine the adrenalin rush as you watch it. You can easily get flights from Britain to Monza, allowing you to enjoy one of the fastest races on one of the best race tracks there is. On September the 10th to the 12th the Monza racetrack, which is a mere 15km from Milan, will once again hold one of the most famous Italian events, the Italian Grand Prix. You can fly from any UK airport, such as Manchester and London Heathrow, and get economy or business flights straight to Monza, not only can you enjoy the Grand Prix but you will be able to soak up the heritage of Ferarri as you tour Monza. What more could a Formula One fan wish for. You can visit the cultural museum before you enjoy the race and find out about the origins of Ferrari, imagine the scene as the cars roar by, it will be something you will never forget. Not only can you enjoy the race, but there are also any number of other attractions available in Milan, such as the shopping, soaking up the Italian culture and enjoying the cuisine. Milan is one of the worlds largest financial centers, there are plenty of attractions there and not least the fact it is one of the fashion capitals of the world. You will find the headquarters for such designers and Prada, Gucci and D&G, perhaps you can enjoy the race while your significant other enjoys some shopping.

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