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Mobile phones on planes being tested by Air France

Wednesday 26 Dec 2007 1:06pm

Air France is trialling the use of mobile phones on flights across Europe - but not across the Atlantic yet. The airline's Airbus A318 planes are fitted with internet-enabled headsets allowing passengers to send and receive SMS texts and picture messages. The six month trial has two phases with just text messages being able to be sent and received initially, but in the last 3 months of the trial, passengers will be able to make mobile calls during their flight. Only at the end of the trial will Air France decide whether to rollout the services to all its planes and across all routes from domestic to Europe to transatlantic flights. Patrick Roux from Air France said [quote] "We are seizing every opportunity to offer customers the latest technological innovations, while continuing to make their travel comfort and wellbeing our main priority" Other airlines such as Ryanair have in the past expressed an interest in using mobile phone technology on flights although public opinion is divided. It is expected that if passengers are allowed to make phone calls on flights that they will end up paying a premium cost for the service - with the airline keeping most of that money.

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