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More Flights to Reykjavik on Icelandair

Saturday 21 Aug 2010 8:30pm

An always popular holiday destination, Iceland is also a busy travel hub between Europe and North America, and Icelandair has announced that they are increasing the availability of their flight services from both the Manchester and the Glasgow airports. As of Autumn 2010, schedules have been planned to coincide with Icelandic connections, and passengers will be able to benefit from the added flights. From September 14th to October 26th of 2010, as well as the dates from April 12th through June 6th of 2011, you'll find an additional weekly service that provides a new option for passengers that desire to travel to the capital of Iceland. The Icelandair attraction, the 'triangle' route, flies to Manchester, onward to Glasgow, and finally returns to Reykjavik, and this new addition has even been specially timed to coincide with several connections to both Canada and North America. Flights from Reykjavik provide access flights as far as Boston, Seattle and even New York. Despite a number of recent issues, particularly the volcanic ash, Iceland has remained a popular holiday destination, and passengers in the north east are certain to benefit from the wider array of choices that are available.

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