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Early bookers still finding flight bargains

Tuesday 26 Aug 2008 7:50am

Travel expert Tom Hall claims that cheap flight bargains can still be found, in spite of the fact that many airlines are being forced to raise their fares to offset rising fuel costs. Tom Hall, who is travel editor at Lonely Planet, maintains that the way to find cheap flights is to book early: 'Early bookers will always score the best deals when it comes to cheap flights,' he said, adding that prospective travellers should 'keep their eyes peeled for special deals'. Mr Hall also suggested that travellers should do their research and be aware of issues that can cause flight process to increase. He also said that bargain hunters should be prepared to travel at antisocial hours, book early, fly with hand luggage only and check-in online. Global passenger traffic growth stood at 3. 8 per cent in June according to figures released by the International Air Transport Association. North American airlines recorded a 4. 4 per cent growth in demand, compared to an increase of 12. 5 per cent for Latin American airlines.

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