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Leeds Bradford International Airport in UK

As with all UK airports, the number of people using the Leeds Bradford Airport area increasing year-on-year. There are no plans to expand the airport - which has only one terminal - although it is acknowledged that investement to both the road network and airport itself will be needed in the future if the number of passengers continue to grow. The airport services a wide variety of destinations - primarily European destinations. A lot of holiday makers on package tours choose to fly from Manchester International Airport instead.

Where is it, and how to get there

Who flies to Leeds Bradford International Airport?

Air Madrid, Eastern Airways, Easyjet, Flybe, Jet2, Pakistan International Airlines, Ryanair

Where to fly to from Leeds Bradford International Airport?

Country City Airline
Austria Austria fly to Salzburg with Jet2
Czech Republic Czech Republic fly to Prague with Jet2
France France fly to Chambery with Jet2
France France fly to Paris with Jet2
Germany Germany fly to Dusseldorf with Ryanair
fly to Dusseldorf with Jet2
Ireland Ireland fly to Dublin with Ryanair
Italy Italy fly to Venice with Ryanair
Latvia Latvia fly to Riga with Ryanair
Lithuania Lithuania fly to Kuanas with Ryanair
Malta Malta fly to Malta with Ryanair
Netherlands Netherlands fly to Amsterdam with Jet2
Poland Poland fly to Gdansk with Ryanair
Poland Poland fly to Krakau with Ryanair
Portugal Portugal fly to Faro with Ryanair
Spain Spain fly to Alicante with Ryanair
fly to Alicante with Jet2
Spain Spain fly to Barcelona with Ryanair
Spain Spain fly to Fuerteventura with Ryanair
Spain Spain fly to Lanzarote with Jet2
fly to Lanzarote with Ryanair
Spain Spain fly to Malaga with Jet2
fly to Malaga with Ryanair
Spain Spain fly to Teneriffa with Jet2
fly to Teneriffa with President Airlines
fly to Teneriffa with Transavia France
Switzerland Switzerland fly to Geneva with Jet2
fly to Geneva with Easyjet
UK UK fly to Aberdeen with Flybe
fly to Aberdeen with Eastern Airways
UK UK fly to Belfast with Jet2
fly to Belfast with Flybe
UK UK fly to Bristol with Eastern Airways
UK UK fly to Exeter with Flybe
UK UK fly to Glasgow with Jet2
UK UK fly to Isle of Man with Air Madrid
UK UK fly to Southampton with Flybe
United States United States fly to Iowa with Pakistan International Airlines

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Contact details
Leeds Bradford International Airport
LS19 7TU
Tel: +44 (0)113 250 9696
Fax: +44 (0)113 250 5426
Email: -
Interesting Trivia
Airport code: LBA
Airlines: 9
Passengers per year: -
Terminals: 1
Runways: 1
Flights per year: -
Destinations served: -
Owned by: -