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Mini-Guide To Portugal Portugal

On the Iberian Peninsula, in Southern Europe, Portugal is a favourite with tourists all year around because of its combination of beaches, tourist destinations, big cities and small rural villages, meaning it is able to cater for every taste. Its warm climate makes it ideal for holidays all year around, and the countryside which combines mountains and farmland is beautiful.

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Portugal is one of the warmest European countries, and the temperatures in Spring and Summer are generally high – at a peak during July and August - with very little rain. It is a popular destination with golfers, as well as with regular tourists. The beaches in the Algarve are the most popular, and the water along the southern coast is generally warmer and cooler, although if you are interested in surfing then beaches along the Atlantic coast are more suitable. Getting around in Portugal can be done by car, bus or train – although rail travel is usually faster and cheaper than bus travel. The rail network is somewhat limited, however, and you may find yourself forced to get the bus if you are going somewhere which is further away from major areas. Lisbon and Porto also boast a metro system, which is more convenient than driving as they can become very busy at certain times of day. Lisbon also has a tram system, To reach areas outside the major cities, however, Car can sometimes be the only method. Hiring a car is relatively inexpensive, however the insurance can cost unless you book the entire package whilst abroad. The national language is Portuguese, although most people will be able to understand Spanish. English is spoken in the tourist areas, although it is not widely or fluently spoken. However, the Portuguese people are usually very patient with regards to overcoming language barriers if they wish to talk to you, and take any attempts to speak their language with respect and good humour. Portugal uses the Euro, and there are cash machines which accept international credit cards that can be found throughout the country.