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Upgrades to business and first class increasing

Friday 03 Sep 2010 8:39pm

A new survey has indicated that the chance of being upgraded to business or first class with Virgin Atlantic and British Airways has increased. Both airlines, looking to maximise seats filling oppurtunities, have been upgrading economy class passengers to business and even first class at a large rate. Forty-two percent of travellers revealed that they had received free upgrades to business class with British Airways, with Virgin coming a distant second with 17 percent and American Airlines coming a distant third with 8 percent. The survey results are likely to increase passenger numbers on these airlines as a free upgrade to business class is nothing to be sneezed at. It's also worth noting the passengers paying for premium economy and business class are increasing. Customers looking to pamper themselves slightly for a trip or two would normally upgrade themselves, another boon for the airlines. Virgin are well known for their fantastic business class services.

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