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Better security waiting times for passengers

Friday 27 Mar 2009 12:49pm

The Air Transport Users Council (AUC) has observed that airports have been affected by increased security measures related to anti-terror initiatives, which have caused security checks to lengthen. However, the AUC has also reported that security times are now improving. Times have been reduced without hindering or reducing the security standards of airports, it has been claimed. The AUC said that passengers naturally want to spend as little time in airports as possible so that they can be on their way to their destinations as soon as possible, and that an overnight stay in an airport hotel could help to reduce the stress out of the airport experience. Industry affairs manager at the AUC, James Fremantle, said: 'There has been a lot of pressure on airports to improve security. We are seeing evidence now about security waiting times getting down and being better for passengers. 'I think for most passengers, the experience with the airlines is most important to them. ' Recent research conducted by the Civil Aviation Authority suggested that 80 per cent of respondents would recommend the airport they used to a friend.


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