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Humberside lifts one bag restriction on flights

Thursday 13 Mar 2008 9:10pm

Passengers flying from Humberside Airport can now carry more than one piece of luggage as the airport announces that the Department for Transport has lifted the restriction imposed at the airport. The restriction was put in place across all UK airports as a move to combat security threats - and is still in place across many airports and airlines. Rob Goldsmith from the North-England airport said [quote] "We are delighted to receive approval from the Department for Transport for the new security rules. However, as some airlines may still retain the one-bag rule, we strongly suggest you check with your airline on the cabin baggage arrangements for your particular journey. And passengers should also remember that restrictions on liquids they carry in hand baggage are still in force". Business travellers and frequent flyers have welcomed the move which makes travelling must less problematic when travelling with, for example, a briefcase and overnight bag. One security restriction that is still in place is that passengers are still not able to carry any liquids or gel which is more than 100mls in their hand luggage.

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