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Travelling to London and Wimbledon

Wednesday 23 Jun 2010 8:19pm

With the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championships fully underway, Wimbledon, a suburb in London which houses the tennis ground, will become the destination for many visitors. We've provided some useful information in getting to London and also travelling to Wimbledon. Getting to LondonTravelling in via Gatwick is a good choice, as there are fast trains from Gatwick Airport in Clapham Junction, which is moments away by train to Wimbledon. Luton also offers a service into Wimbledon directly via First Capital Connect, although this a slightly longer journey. Heathrow offers a number of options, either tube, the Heathrow Express or the Heathrow Connect. Your best option is the Heathrow Connect, as this is around a 20 minute service into Paddington Underground, which is then easy to connect into Wimbledon Underground station via London's underground network. Getting from Wimbledon Station to Wimbledon Tennis clubIt's a lovely walk through Wimbledon Village to the grounds (around 20 minutes), so if it's a nice day and you have some time, use this option. Otherwise, there are numerous bus and taxi services, offering quick options costing from around £2 per person. Don't forget to explore the rest of Wimbledon, it's a lovely suburb and has attractive parks and ground to explore!

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