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British Airways pilots vote to strike

Saturday 23 Feb 2008 11:49pm

Pilots from British Airways have voted to go on strike in a row over pay and working conditions. The strike action is likely planned for the easter period will affect tens of thousands of Easter travellers. The strike comes after a breakdown between the Pilot's union and BA over plans for BA's "open skies" routes starting in June which will offer transatlantic flights from mainland Europe across the Atlantic to the United States. The union claims that BA plan to recruit the new pilots of the route under different pay and working conditions - something that BA has denied. Under the "open skies" agreement signed last year, British Airways are now able to fly across the Atlantic from European cities to cities in the USA. Similarly, airlines such as Air France or Lufthansa are able to setup base in Heathrow and offer transatlantic flights. British Airways will initially offer from June flights from either Charles de-Gaulle airport in Paris to New York, or Brussels to New York - with a second flight later this year flying to the other destination. Definitive dates for any strike action have not yet been officially announced, but we will update this site when more is know or a detailed announcement is made.

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