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US airline launches mobile broadband

Sunday 31 Aug 2008 8:21am

US airline American Airlines has announced the launch of ‘Gogo', its new mobile broadband service, provided by Aircell. Gogo will be extremely useful for people catching connecting flights in the USA as it will be available on services from New York to Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. This new service is the first full in-flight broadband platform to be launched on the US market, according to American Airlines, which claims to be the world's largest air carrier. The airline's executive vice-president of marketing Dan Garton said: 'We are pleased to provide our customers with the unprecedented ability to stay connected to their family, friends and business associates on the ground via the internet while travelling at 30,000 feet above the United States. 'With today's launch, American Airlines makes history as the first and only US airline to offer customers full inflight internet connectivity, demonstrating once again our industry leadership and focus on our customers. ' The Aircell system effectively turns American Airlines planes into Wi-Fi hotspots, enabling passengers to browse the internet, check their emails and send instant messages using wireless-enabled devices.

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