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British Airways baggage handlers lose most luggage

Friday 06 Apr 2007 12:27pm

Statistics from the Association of European Airlines (AEA) were released yesterday with British Airways having the worst record for misplacing/loosing passenger's luggage. With UK airports handling millions of passengers a year (with Heathrow and Gatwick being the two busiest), baggage handlers from British Airways lose 23 items of luggage for every 1000 passengers - with the average across all airlines being almost 16 items lost per 1000 passengers. Totalling this up across the year, it equates to 5. 6 million bags being lost in transit in 2006. Although 85% of bags were subsequently found and returned to their owners, some luggage (approximately 85,000 bags) were never found. There is often a trust when checking into an airport, handing over your tickets and passport and seeing your luggage disappear in to the bowels of the airport. Passengers assume that their bags will get to the destination. British Airways have apologised for its record - which in its own words is "unacceptable". The AEA are also calling for airlines such as BMI and Virgin Atlantic to publish their luggage statistics so that airlines can be named and shamed to improve their services to passengers. Flying Abroad comment: 85,000 items of lost luggage in the UK alone is a huge amount to have "disappeared" - does anyone reading this who works for an airline have any idea of what happens to lost luggage? Does it disappear into a skip? Email us if you know.

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