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Mini-Guide To Japan Japan

Japan is an exciting country to experience. Formed by over 3,000 islands, Japan is culturally and socially distinct from other countries. A trip to this country makes for an exciting and very educational visit. Japan has mainly a temperate climate, however, typhoons sometimes occur and there is a rainy season that moves from northern to southern Japan in May and then works its way back up north until late July. When travelling, it is always best to check out when the rains might come. This will help you plan your trip out and will only improve your experience.

Major towns & cities with airports

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan and is a glorious place to visit. In fact, many tourists begin their trip there. The capital is large and packed tight with people. There is always something happening in Tokyo, and it has some stunning sights. In particular, you should take in the Asakusa district which has preserved most of ‘old’ Tokyo before it was largely destroyed by earthquakes or bombing. One of the things you should do in Japan is take tea in a teahouse. This formal occasion gives visitors a truly unique insight into this very formal culture. You should also try to get out and see some of the other islands and experience rural Japanese lifestyle. The public transport system here is very good and so it is quite easy to find your way around. Most major airlines fly to Japan, with regular services offered by BA, Japan Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. These are direct flights; other services may involve a change.