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Mini-Guide To Hiroshima

Hiroshima has become associated with the atomic bomb which devastated this city in August 1945. Yet since then, this city has rebuilt itself and is a very special place to visit. As you may expect from a city which was one of only two to ever experience an atomic bombing, peace is big in Hiroshima and there is a Peace Memorial Museum and a Park, to both remember those who were killed or had their lives effectively destroyed and to remember that peace should be maintained. This park is also home to a peace memorial and a memorial hall. It is a sombre place to visit, but is also a place for quiet reflection and to consider peace, as well as conflict and war and the effects they have.

Local Airports In Hiroshima

However, there is more to Hiroshima than the legacy of the bomb. The city has a real cultural air about it and there are various museums and art galleries, all of which have very exciting and interesting collections, catering for a very wide variety of interests. Hiroshima castle (which has been rebuilt) is a beautiful building and well worth a visit. You should also try to make time to see the symphony. Food is delightful in Hiroshima with its very own okonomiyaki cuisine on offer, which is cooked at your table and consists of various ingredients cooked at a very high temperature and then layered in front of you. Japanese culture is also intriguing and very polite as well as welcoming, which makes this a very different experience, for travellers who like to venture off the main tourist tracks. Getting to Hiroshima, will mean a connecting flight from either Bangkok or Beijing, but you can fly to these destinations direct with Air China who then fly on to Hiroshima.

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