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Germanwings is based in Germany, Europe

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Domestic Germanwings flights within Germany?

From To
Berlin, GermanyGermany Cologne, Germany
Berlin, GermanyGermany Munich, Germany
Berlin, GermanyGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Cologne, GermanyGermany Berlin, Germany
Cologne, GermanyGermany Dresden, Germany
Cologne, GermanyGermany Friedrichshafen, Germany
Cologne, GermanyGermany Leipzig Halle, Germany
Cologne, GermanyGermany Munich, Germany
Cologne, GermanyGermany Rostock Laage, Germany
Dortmund, GermanyGermany Munich, Germany
Dresden, GermanyGermany Cologne, Germany
Dresden, GermanyGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Friedrichshafen, GermanyGermany Cologne, Germany
Hanover, GermanyGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Leipzig Halle, GermanyGermany Cologne, Germany
Leipzig Halle, GermanyGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Munich, GermanyGermany Berlin, Germany
Munich, GermanyGermany Cologne, Germany
Munich, GermanyGermany Dortmund, Germany
Rostock Laage, GermanyGermany Cologne, Germany
Rostock Laage, GermanyGermany Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, GermanyGermany Berlin, Germany
Stuttgart, GermanyGermany Dresden, Germany
Stuttgart, GermanyGermany Hanover, Germany
Stuttgart, GermanyGermany Leipzig Halle, Germany
Stuttgart, GermanyGermany Rostock Laage, Germany

Regional Germanwings flights within Europe?

From To
Berlin, GermanyRomania Bucharest, Romania
Berlin, GermanyNetherlands Maastricht, Netherlands
Berlin, GermanyRussia Moscow, Russia
Berlin, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Cologne, GermanySpain Barcelona, Spain
Cologne, GermanyItaly Bari, Italy
Cologne, GermanySerbia Belgrade, Serbia
Cologne, GermanyItaly Bologna, Italy
Cologne, GermanyRomania Bucharest, Romania
Cologne, GermanyHungary Budapest, Hungary
Cologne, GermanyDenmark Copenhagen, Denmark
Cologne, GermanyUK Edinburgh, UK
Cologne, GermanySpain Gran Canaria, Spain
Cologne, GermanyAustria Klagenfurt, Austria
Cologne, GermanyPortugal Lisbon, Portugal
Cologne, GermanyUK London, UK
Cologne, GermanyUK Manchester, UK
Cologne, GermanyItaly Milan, Italy
Cologne, GermanyRussia Moscow, Russia
Cologne, GermanyFrance Nice, France
Cologne, GermanyItaly Pisa, Italy
Cologne, GermanyCzech Republic Prague, Czech Republic
Cologne, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Cologne, GermanyItaly Rome, Italy
Cologne, GermanyAustria Salzburg, Austria
Cologne, GermanyBosnia Sarajevo, Bosnia
Cologne, GermanyBulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
Cologne, GermanyCroatia Split, Croatia
Cologne, GermanySweden Stockholm, Sweden
Cologne, GermanySpain Teneriffa, Spain
Cologne, GermanyGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Cologne, GermanyItaly Venice, Italy
Cologne, GermanyAustria Vienna, Austria
Cologne, GermanyCroatia Zagreb, Croatia
Cologne, GermanySwitzerland Zurich, Switzerland
Dusseldorf, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Frankfurt, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Hamburg, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Hanover, GermanySpain Barcelona, Spain
Hanover, GermanyItaly Catania, Italy
Hanover, GermanyUK London, UK
Hanover, GermanyItaly Milan, Italy
Hanover, GermanyRussia Moscow, Russia
Hanover, GermanyItaly Naples Capodichno, Italy
Hanover, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Hanover, GermanyItaly Rome, Italy
Hanover, GermanyItaly Venice, Italy
Hanover, GermanyAustria Vienna, Austria
Munich, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Stuttgart, GermanySpain Barcelona, Spain
Stuttgart, GermanyItaly Bari, Italy
Stuttgart, GermanySerbia Belgrade, Serbia
Stuttgart, GermanyRomania Bucharest, Romania
Stuttgart, GermanyHungary Budapest, Hungary
Stuttgart, GermanyPoland Krakau, Poland
Stuttgart, GermanyUK London, UK
Stuttgart, GermanySpain Malaga, Spain
Stuttgart, GermanyRussia Moscow, Russia
Stuttgart, GermanyPristina, Yugoslavia
Stuttgart, GermanyItaly Rome, Italy
Stuttgart, GermanyCroatia Split, Croatia
Stuttgart, GermanyGreece Thessaloniki, Greece
Stuttgart, GermanyAustria Vienna, Austria
Stuttgart, GermanyCroatia Zagreb, Croatia

International destinations for Germanwings?

From To
Cologne, GermanyIsrael Tel Aviv, Israel
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