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Mini-Guide To Argentina Argentina

Argentina is a fascinating and unique country for any person to visit. Some of the country's frequently visited (and large) towns and cities include such places as Buenos Aires, as well as Rosario and Cordoba. This country has something for anyone and has a unique culture to experience. This country is diverse: there are large and well-known cities, and there are also many tiny, quirky towns and villages that are off the beaten track. Argentina is a large country with lots of space and some stunning, dramatic scenery guaranteed to impress any traveller. This is a must-see spot for any tourist.

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The seasons affect not only the weather, but choosing the right time to visit can only heighten your experience. For instance, the best time to visit Argentina is in their summer, which is usually December through to February. Visiting during summer only heightens the beauty of some of the country’s most stunning attractions. Some popular destinations include the amazingly beautiful Iguazu Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier, which is a firm favourite with tourists and where you can see a spectacular glacier with ice that cracks and sings all day and all night long. Additionally, Buenos Aires is particularly beautiful in the autumn, and if you come during this time, you can avoid the summer’s hot and sticky weather. The city is a great place to visit: it has its own culture, as well as a real European influence in terms of the buildings, the cuisine and the people. It can almost feel as if you are in Europe and yet, there is something just a little bit different about Buenos Aires that makes it an entirely unique location. Don’t worry if you only speak English: the language is widely spoken in Argentina, and the country’s people are welcoming towards its tourists. The welcoming nature of the country is one of its allures. In fact, the country is particularly fond of Europeans. This open-arms attitude towards tourists is unique: other countries in the world are not so welcoming. The welcoming spirit of Argentina promises tourists an exciting, delightful trip. Conveniently, the country easily easy accessible: most major airlines fly to Argentina and BA and Air France amongst others offering a regular service.