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Flybe cancels Exeter route this winter

Tuesday 22 Jul 2008 9:15pm

This winter, Flybe will be cancelling the Exeter to Norwich service starting from September 22nd, and resume next summer. The announcement came as several other airlines including Ryanair are cancelling unprofitable routes over the winter period - citing high fuel costs and airport tax increases as the reasons to not operate unprofitable routes. Norwich Airport was criticised earlier in the year for increasing its airport fees from £3 to £5 per passenger - to help fund its airport development costs, allowing them to invest in better facilities for future passengers. Flybe has also recently announced cut-backs in routes to Spain, Paris and Glasgow. However, flights between Norwich and Chambery and Geneva will be increased over the winter months due to customer demand with the winter sports for these two European destinations proving especially popular. Flybe also stated that although its possible to make quieter routes like Exeter to Norwich profitable, its difficult to sustain that profitability all year route and is only really feasible in the peak summer periods. A spokesman for Flybe said 'We strive to do everything possible to maintain as many routes as possible but in this current economic climate, it is simply not always feasible to continue with routes that fail to produce passenger numbers and are economically unsustainable. Flybe remains committed to growing its routes out of Norwich International Airport and hopes that services out of the base will be supported by the region and that we will be in a position to add new routes in the future. ' For passengers, this relatively minor route cancellation shouldn't affect that many passengers but people wanting to travel over the winter period should check airline websites to ensure their destination is still serviced and hasn't been cancelled by their 'favourite' airline.

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