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Mini-Guide To Sweden Sweden

The third largest country in Western Europe, bordering Norway and Finland, with access to Denmark via the so-called resund bridge. The capital city, Stockholm, is located across a series of islands, offering a picturesque setting to a beautiful city that contains architecture from all periods of the city's history.

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Getting around Sweden is relatively easy - most of the action takes place in the south of the country where the distances are not huge, however there is a domestic air service for if you are heading to the north of the country. The rail network is extensive, and the tickets are cheaper when you buy them early. There is also a bus service, the Swebus Express, which runs lines in the southern part of the country, and these are cheaper than the train. Driving is easier in the south of Sweden, where the distances between destinations are not so great in the north it is probably more convenient to fly or take the train. Swedish is spoken nationally, although most people will speak good English, although some older people will speak German as their first foreign language. The currency is the krona (SEK, plural kronor), and credit cards are accepted in most places, although you will usually need an ID card or passport when using them.