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Mini-Guide To Monaco Monaco

Located in the South of France, near to the border of Italy, Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world, and is almost entirely urbanised. Largely it operates as a tourist resort and a tax haven for various businesses.

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Getting around Monaco can be done largely by foot, with numerous public escalators and elevators places around to help negotiate the city’s steeper slopes. There is a public bus service which runs until 9pm daily, and tickets can be purchased on the bus or from street vendors. It is also possible to hire a motor scooter in Nice and then make the short trip along the coast to Monaco, as there is plenty of free scooter parking in the city. There is, however, very little car parking, so taxis are often recommended over private cars, and are easy to get. The official language is French; however English and Italian are also spoken. The national currency is the Euro. Monaco is one of the more expensive countries in Europe, although some of the sights and attractions are well worth the money – for example the Grand Casino in Monte Carlo. However, if you are interested in less expensive attractions, then the Japanese Gardens are highly recommended.