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Mini-Guide To Hungary Hungary

Located in central Europe, Hungary combines low mountains with planes and lakes; small villages with large, beautiful cities. It is a country with a lot of history and well worth a visit.

Major towns & cities with airports

Towns & cities with regional/small airports

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Getting around Hungary can be done by train quite easily, with the rail network fanning out from the central city Budapest. Tickets are relatively cheap, as well, as young people can get a 33% reduction at weekends, and Children and Pensioners can travel for free unless it is otherwise stated. Bus routes are also available and their lines are somewhat more comprehensive than the railway, whilst the prices and speed are relatively similar. During the summer there is also a hydrofoil connection available between Vienna and Budapest. Driving in Hungary is relatively stress free – outside of the cities, the roads are mostly in good shape, and well signposted. Within the cities, the roads are more cracked, however they are always being repaired. The highways in the country are not free, but there are no other toll roads or tunnels in the country. The national language is Hungarian, whilst German is the most widely understood and spoken foreign language. English comes just being this, although it is spoken more by younger people, and is less commonly found outside the capital. The currency is the forint, although major credit cards are accepted in some major shops and larger restaurants. ATMs are easily available throughout the country. Hungary is relatively cheap when compared to other countries in Europe, however with all countries, food and rooms cost more in the capital than elsewhere in the country.