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Mini-Guide To Finland Finland

Between Russia, Norway and Sweden, Finland is a land of lakes, with approximately 188,000 of them in the country. From the north of the country, you can see the Northern Lights in winter and midnight sun in the summer. It is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, but keeps in touch with its rustic roots with summer cottages spread across the country.

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The fastest way to get around Finland is by domestic flights, however this is also the most expensive option. If you are clever, booking in advance for one-way tickets, your journey can cost less than a rail ticket. The rail network is extensive and is usually the preferred method of travelling from Helsinki to Tampere, Turku and Lahti. The prices for train tickets are similar to those in the UK, however there are discounts available through the use of Finnish Rail passes, and a discount of 50% for students who study in Finland and have a recognised Finnish student card. Long-distance coach connections are available for practically all areas of Finland, although whilst the journeys are generally slower than by train, the fairs are usually higher. Student discounts are also available. Driving in Finland can be expensive if you choose to rent a car, and headlights must be kept on at all times, even during the day. The roads are well maintained and extensive throughout the country, although there are limited expressways in the south. There are currently no road tolls. The national currency is the Euro, and there are ATMs throughout the country and credit cards are widely accepted, although you are required to provide ID if you purchase anything above 50€. Finland is a rather expensive country to shop in. Whilst smaller shops have weekday opening hours from 9am to 6pm, most shops close at 2pm on Saturdays and are closed entirely on Sundays. Larger shops and department stores generally stay open until 9pm during the week and 6pm on Saturdays. During the summer and the month before Christmas, stores can be left open until 9pm on Sundays. The national language is Finnish, however most Finns speak some English and in the larger cities most people speak English very well. Throughout the country, younger people are generally able to speak English, although in general the Finnish are somewhat shy about speaking English.