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Mini-Guide To Jamaica Jamaica

Jamaica is a fabulous place to visit. It is a country that is timeless. Here, people are relaxed and laid back; they like to enjoy life. Though the country has suffered from a bad press because of its high levels of crime, it is still a popular and safe tourist destination. Kingston, the capital is relatively safe, but just like most cities, there are areas to avoid. If you are coming for a visit avoid such areas as Trench Town, where trouble can flare up at any point.

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Despite the bad press, there is so much to do and see in Jamaica. You can chill by its beaches, which look like paradise, and you can drink a cocktail or try some of the infamous local rum. The country is culturally rich. The Bob Marley Museum in Kingston is also a fascinating place to visit. There are also some architecturally stunning mansions left over from the colonial days. Make sure to get out as much as possible; the people of Jamaica are truly special. The urban areas are rich places to experience and so too are the rural areas. Here, you can see some stunning sights like the luminous Blue Mountains and the delightful Cave Valley. There is a reasonable public transport system in Jamaica, but hiring a car is usually the best option for getting out and about. This will assure you can see as much as possible. Jamaica’s food is amazing. The country’s infamous Jerk Chicken is simply out of this world, especially when washed down with some beer or rum while watching the sun set over the white, sandy beach. Paradise doesn’t get any more real than this! Most international airlines fly to Jamaica, with flights operated by Virgin, BA and KLM, among others.