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Mini-Guide To Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a fantastic place to visit, because culturally, it is just so different. Be aware that this is a strict country with rigidly enforced laws; it embraces the Muslim faith perhaps more rigorously than any other country. Visitors to Saudi should be aware of this and be respectful of it. After all that is one of the unique aspects of visiting the country. Therefore to be respectful of the country's laws women should dress appropriately and visitors should know that drinking alcohol is strictly off limits. This is a country of opulence: Saudi Arabia is a rich country. Much of its wealth comes from oil, and because of this, the economy is buoyant.

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Culturally there are also some great traditions, with the Al Ardha, the national dance being a wonderful sight. You should also visit two sites in particular because of their religious importance: Medina and Mecca. Riyadh is the capital and, with almost five million inhabitants, it is by far the biggest city. Here you will find things a little more relaxed than in some other parts of the country. You can take in some of the local culture or go exploring in the desert (exercising proper precautions obviously) or you can discover some of the amazing shops. You want to be aware of the temperature before visiting. It is a very hot country, particularly in the summer, when the temperatures can be overwhelming, so it is best not to visit then. The other time to avoid, for practical reasons, is the feast month of Ramadan, which takes place annually, as this can inhibit your travel choices. For a very unique and culturally fascinating trip, Saudi Arabia should top your list. Flights are frequent, with Emirates, BA and Qatar Airways, amongst others, offering regular flights.