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Flybe cancels routes due to high fuel costs

Friday 27 Jun 2008 10:58am

Flybe airline has announced two route cancellations amid rising fuel costs which are making the operating of certain routes no longer commercial sense. The first route to be axed is Glasgow to Newquay which is described as a marginal service. Belfast to Paris is the second route to be cancelled by the airline which only launched in April. The significant increase in fuel costsover the last six months have been blamed as the price of oil reaches $140 US dollars (£70) per barrel. Flybe also recently reported they will be closing their base at Galway completely and the Glasgow - Newquay and Belfast - Paris route cancellations are another indication of how much harder it is for the airline industry. Several business-class only airlines have been declared bankrupt over the last 6 months including MaxJet, EOS Airlines and Silverjet - all of which commented that high fuel costs were a large contributing factor to their demise.

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