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Mini-Guide To Luton

The city of Luton is an industrial town with a 170,000 population. It is most famous for its airport, serving the city of London. Luton is nestled between London and Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge. Despite being a small town, it is a bustling metropolis on its own. Luton is a cosmopolitan town that has benefited from its great location and transportation connections. It has also taken advantage of the progressive universities around town. There are a number of attractions to visit once you're in Luton. Even if you're just stopping over before you head out to London, Luton is a great town to explore. Here are some of the top attractions that you should visit while you are here.

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The Whipsnade Wild Animal Park in Dunstable is probably the largest zoo of its kind. It features 600 acres or 248 hectares of animals and scenic views. The Whipsnade Wild Animal Park was established around 1927 to 1931. It is well stocked with over 2,500 animals. There are various species of animals that include the rare and endangered. You'll find birds, sea lions, and elephants among others. This Luton attraction is perfect for kids. They even have a lion outline, cut in a warning signal for aircraft. Whipsnade Wild Animal Park also has a gauge railroad that runs throughout the park. Another Whipsnade attraction is the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. Found at the Regional Office of Dunstable, the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral features many species of trees. If Whipsnade Wild Animal Park is all about animals, here, it is all about grasses, plants, and trees. A National Trust property, the Whipsnade Tree Cathedral features lovely flora in a cathedral setting, perfect for the nature lovers. The Luton Hoo & Wernher Collection is four kilometers southeast of the town of Luton. It is another lovely Adam house here in the United Kingdom. This country mansion was first created in 1767 by the prominent architect Robert Adam. In 1816, it was completed by another designer, Smirke. The Luton Hoo suffered from a catastrophic fire and so was rebuilt in the period between 1903 and 1907 after the tragedy. Once you visit the Luton Hoo & Wernher Collection today, you'll not only admire this lovely home but you'll also enjoy the splendid collection it has kept for years. It was Sir Harold Wernher who collected various artifacts such as fine jewelry from different eras. He also managed to collect Goblin tapestries, porcelain and furnishings from the 18th century. Some of the collections to be found at the Luton Hoo are works of Carl Faberge, a Russian jeweler. The costumes, paintings, and other artifacts are belongings of the prominent family of Romanov, a Russian Imperial family. There are also lovely art works from Constable, Memling, Titian, Reynolds, Rembrandt, and from Bartolome Bermejo, who painted "St. Michael" in the year 1470. Even the gardens surrounding the Luton Hoo are worth the tour as they are designed by Capability Brown. Luton has a lot more attractions to feature including the 13th century Church of St. Mary's, the Knebworth House at the Estate Office, the Stockwood Park Museum and Stockwood Country Park among many others.

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