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Mini-Guide To Londonderry

Located in Northern Ireland, Derry is the second largest city in the North of Ireland, and one of the oldest inhabited places in both Northern and the Republic of Ireland. It dates back to over 1,450 years ago, as is shown by the remains of an Iron Age fort a short distance away.

Local Airports In Londonderry

Getting in to Londonderry is relatively easy, with airports nearby and a train station which is served by a line from Belfast. It is also quite an easy route to drive, particularly from Belfast or Dublin, as it is a direct route both ways. There are regular bus connections available from Belfast and Dublin, as well. Split into two main areas, Londonderry straddles the river Foyle and the two halves are known as Waterside (the east side) and City or Derry Side (the west side). The two sides are connected by two bridges – the Craigavon bridge and the Foyle bridge. There is plenty to see and do in the city, with various museums – including the award-winning Tower Museum – and a number of beautiful historical churches and chapels, such as St Eugene's Cathedral and St Augustine's Chapel. You can also walk around Derry on the city walls.

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