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Mini-Guide To Cork

Cork is located in the south west of Ireland and it is the second largest city in southern Ireland, after Dublin. It is situated on the River Lee, which makes it a very picturesque city to visit. But the people are perhaps Cork's most wonderful attraction since they are very friendly, extremely talkative and genuinely seem to regard strangers as friends they have not yet met. A really wonderful change from some other city dwellers! The climate in Cork benefits from the warmth which is brought in by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, but like much of Ireland, it does seem to get more than its fair share of rain!

Local Airports In Cork

The currency in Cork is the Euro and Cork is a very safe and relaxed place to visit, making it an ideal destination for all. There is also plenty to do in Cork and it is a very compact city, with everything really within walking distance. One thing that you simply must do is to visit the bars and just drink in the culture, the music and the great atmosphere. There are so many bars to choose from, that you really will be spoilt for choice. There are also quite a few nightclubs, for those who like to keep the party going. The next must do' thing is to go to the Blarney Estate and Castle, which is just about 5 miles or 8 kms, outside of Cork. Here you will find the world famous Blarney stone. The legend has it that anyone who kisses the Blarney stone will become eloquent and thus never be lost for words. Who knows if it works, but it is great fun! 200,000 people visit the Blarney Estate each year, so it really is a popular destination. The Cork Vision Centre is a relatively new facility, which gives visitors the chance to see how conservation projects work in practice and also see how Cork has been shaped and how it is developing, well worth a visit. (Open Tuesday – Saturday only). Other interesting things to do include the Cork City Gaol, which is quite a spooky place to visit, since prisoners were actually held here and the gaol has simply been restored, so that people can see what it was like. Lifelike models are also placed throughout, just to add to the atmosphere. Food in Cork is extremely good, with some excellent restaurants, featuring innovative and exciting menus, many of which use local produce and some very fresh seafood, since Cork is so close to the coast. This makes it an ideal place to try out some new dishes and sample the delights of very modern and often international cuisine, in this very Irish of cities. And of course when in Ireland, you simply have to taste the whiskey and the Guinness, which always tastes better in Ireland! So just relax and enjoy all the delights of this wonderful and very laid back city which is a joy to visit and the ideal antidote to stressful living. Who flies to Cork? Bmi, British Airways and Ryanair, amongst others.

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