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Mini-Guide To Reykjavik

Its the largest city in Iceland, and also the capital of Iceland. Its population is a mere 117,000 The city is slightly south of the Artic circle and receives only 4 hours of daylight in the middle of winter, whilst in the middle of summer the nights are rarely dark. Its the land of the midnight sun.

Local Airports In Reykjavik

The city is higly modernised and quality of life is high in the city - and in across Iceland in general. Although quite far north, Reykjavik is not as cold as you would expect. Its temperature is similar to New York because Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream. When travelling to Reykjavik, some kind of good coat is needed to keep you dry as the city averages over 200 rainy days each year. The temperature rarely rises above 14 celsius, but rarely drops below -1 celsius on average during the year. The city has a very good road system with multi-line highways connecting the whole city. Public transport is good, although as the city is well geared up to car travel, the bus system isn't very popular with most people opting to go by car. Places to visit in Reykjavik include the Iceland Parliment, Blue Lagoon - a geothermal spa, the house in which Gorbachev and Reagan met in 1986 for the historic Iceland Summit, the largest shopping centre/mall in Iceland and a geothermically heated beach! The city does offer excellent nightlife with bars not being busy until close to Midnight. Alcohol is very expensive and eating out can also be expensive, but the city does offer a variety of restaurants to accomidate all budgets. Reykjavik does offer international cuisine, including indian, french, mexican, italian, american and chinese food - but they are not as many of these restaurants as you would find in other cities across Europe.

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