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Mini-Guide To Zakynthos

Zakynthos is often referred to as Zante, but whichever name you choose, you will still find this the most charming and beautiful Greek island. The name is derived from Zakynthos who was the son of an Arcadian chief and has long been regarded as an ideal place to visit, due to its stunning scenery, beaches, food and warm and friendly people. Indeed this reputation is as strong today as it has ever been and that is why it is one of the top tourist attractions in Greece.

Local Airports In Zakynthos

With almost 40,000 people on the island, it is not overly populated, yet it enjoys all the modern facilities that you would expect from a tourist destination, with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants, along with some nightclubs. But its size also means that it is easy to get away from the other tourists and just get out and explore Zakynthos for yourself and find a peaceful little beach to just unwind and forget that there are other people around. The warm climate gives it a really rich vegetation and the citrus fruit and olives which are grown here, as well as the grapes, make it seem very lush and green. Then you have the sea which surrounds this beautiful island, with the waves gently lapping onto an almost perfect beach. What more could you wish for? So for a perfect break to get away from it all, whilst still having the luxury of 21st Century take a trip to Zakynthos. Getting to this little hideaway is quite straightforward, with flights offered by Air Malta and Monarch Airlines.

Who flies to Zakynthos?

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